Handmade Sofas, Chairs and Corner Units from McGuckin Furniture.

From our factory on the shores of Lough Neagh, McGuckin Furniture has been making beautiful furniture for over forty years. During that time, we have made literally thousands of customer's dreams come true, with many families returning to us generation after generation.

Why do our customers choose McGuckin Furniture?

Our craftsmen and craftswomen take a pride in making fantastic sofas, chairs and corner units. We have many designs to choose from, but if you have a specific idea of what you want, we can make that for you too!!!

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We have thousands of fabrics to choose from in our fabric library. You are sure to find a fabric to suit every possible taste. Want something a little longer, a little shorter, a little higher, a little lower? No problem! That's what makes us different.

And the best news, our lead times are usually between four and six weeks, and our prices are often consdiderably less than than you would pay in a normal furniture shop. After all, at McGuckin Furniture you are cutting out the middle man, and buying directly from the manufacturer.

We also offer 0% finance, and free delivery everywhere on the Island of Ireland, North and South.

So give us a call on (0044)2886736121, or leave your details below, and lets make you the next delighted customer to sit on McGuckin Furniture's handmade creations.

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